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French structured classes

These french classes consist of Grammar, Converstaion, Reading and Writing and have a maximum of 10 students. These french classes are quite intensive and require a lot of private study between lessons. We supply a comprehensive set of support texts, exercises and cassettes, so that you can go over the lesson, and exercise your french undersatnding at your leisure at home, and improve your french pronounciation.

Price: Please contact us for next term.


This french classes are suitable for those with no french or those who have forgotten it all.In this class, we will go through the basics (grammar and vocabulary) as well as doing some everyday phrases and role-plays,...


This french classes are suitable for those who have done some French for a few years but have not used it much and who have forgotten quite a bit. We will quickly go through the basics again (see the programme of course A,'French for beginners') through exercises (oral and written), role-plays, games, conversation, analysis of text,etc, before learning new material.


This french classes are suitable for those who have a good grounding of basic French, who can get by in simple programme of the previous 2 stages (Courses A and B) and who are ready to learn the past tenses. In this class a lot of emphasis will be put on the past tense and the correct use of them. There will be some role-plays, exercises (written and oral), discusions based on small articles,...


This french class is suitable for those who feel quite confident about communicating in basic French. You must be able to use the past tenses when you speak and you must also have a fair idea about the future and the conditional. There will be a mixture of discussions, exercises, role-plays,...


This french class is for people who can converse already quite fluently but who need more structure to the language.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although these summaries of programmes give you an idea of the grammar we are learning during the classes, a lot of emphasis is also placed on conversation and communication. From the first class, French is spoken during the lessons.