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Children After-School and Saturday Classes

Children learn French through manual activities, songs, games etc. in a friendly French home environment, with a more structured course for older children. We have different levels depending on age and ability.

For children with no french or a little French.

AGE: 4-8 and 8-14
Programme includes learning colours, days of the week, counting, greetings, basic everyday vocabulary, and more...

For children who have a basic knowledge of French and who want to improve and gain some confidence.

AGE: 4-8 and 8-14
In these classes for the younger ones, we start making up sentences and we learn more vocabulary; for the older ones, we revise elementary grammar, verbs, etc, and we practice conversation, and more...

For children who are studying French at school but who need to have a bit of extra coaching.

AGE: 8-14
In this class children do grammar, role-plays, conversation, reading, etc,... As the course is fun and takes place in a French home, it gives them the idea that French is not just another subject to learn at school, but can be fun, enjoyable and useful.

Price: Please contact us for details for a 13 week course (1 term). Once a week for 1 hour.
Max: 8 children per teacher.